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College of Arts & Sciences
Linguistics Program

Anna Mikhaylova - Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon


Why did you decide to do an MA or PhD in linguistics?

I was fascinated with how language works and how it is learned since high school and had a FL teaching degree equivalent to MA in TEFL as well as MA in TESOL when I realized I was equally interested in the social and cognitive dimensions of Bilingualism and that I was fascinated by researching language as much if not better than teaching it.

Tell us about your current job.

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of Oregon.

Why did you choose our program? Did you get what you wanted from the Linguistics Program?

At the time I was interested in studying the social aspects of bilingualism and wanted to work with Carol Myers-Scotton. However, taking several SLA courses from Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva brought me back to language acquisition/learning, although more from the cognitive angle.

What is your favorite thing in Columbia, SC?​

The 300 days of sunshine a year!