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College of Arts & Sciences
Linguistics Program

Student Research Awards

Graduate Student Research Awards


There is a limited amount of money in the Linguistics Program budget and in our development account for funding graduate student research.  The Program welcomes the opportunity to support our students' research, and welcomes applications for research assistance.  The Student Research Awards will be awarded competitively, and the amount of each award will depend on the nature and significance of the research project, as well as the quality of the submitted materials. Preference will be given to first-time applicants who have not received other fellowships for the proposed grant period (e.g., USC Presidential Fellowships, CAS Dissertation Fellowship, Bilinski Fellowship, external grants and awards, etc.).



The purpose of the Student Research Awards is to cover costs associated with research (travel, data collection, software, equipment, books, subject participation, etc.). The amount cannot be used to pay salary, stipend, fringe benefits, or for conference travel already being covered by Travel Funding. By University policy, physical materials, such as equipment, software, books, etc. remain the property of the Linguistics Program and will be returned to the Linguistics Program Director upon departure from the university.


Amount and covered period

Two or more awards of up to $1,000.00 per year will be awarded per annual award period, with a start date of May 16 and an end date of May 15 of the following year. For the inaugural awards in 2015-2016, the award period will be from November 1, 2015 to May 15, 2016.


Application Deadline

For its inaugural round, the deadline for application for the Student Research Awards will be September 30, 2015. For all subsequent rounds the application deadline will be March 1.


Procedures and Required Materials

Your application for support should be sent directly to the Chair of the Awards and Colloquia Committee (Prof. D. Eric Holt) via e-mail. These applications will be distributed to the Awards and Colloquia Committee. Your application for support should consist of the following:

  1. Research proposal narrative (approximately 500 words)

  2. Research design and timeline (approximately 250 words)

  3. Detailed budget

  4. Statement of other support applied for covering the same grant period.

  5. Advisor statement of project worthiness      

By the end of the award period (May 15), the award recipient must submit a research report of approximately 1000 words to his/her advisor and the Awards and Colloquia Committee. The award recipient will also be required to present his/her research at the Linguistics Program Colloquium, theGSLING Student Research Series Colloquium, or a comparable venue within one year of the conclusion of the award period.