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Linguistics Program

Faculty & Staff Directory

Qiandi Liu

Assistant Professor (English)
University of South Carolina

Office: Humanities Office Building 220
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF


Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, Northern Arizona University

Areas of Specialization 

ESL/EFL writing
Grammar pedagogy
Second language acquisition

My major research focus in on L2 learners' development in academic writing, particularly with regard to linguistic accuracy. I am also interested in the role played individual differences in L2 development and grammar pedagogy.  

Recently Taught Courses 

English Grammars (Fall 2016)
The Story of English (Spring 2016)
ESL Academic Writing (Fall 2011 – Spring 2015)
EFL Reading, writing, listening, and speaking (Fall 2002 – Spring 2011)

Professional Affiliations 

AAAL (American Association for Applied Linguistics)
CALICO (Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium)
CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication)
TESOL International Association (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages International Association)

Selected Publications 

Liu. Q., & Brown, D. (2015). Methodological synthesis of research on the effectiveness of corrective feedback in L2 writingJournal of Second Language Writing, 30, 61-81.

Liu. Q. (2012). Review of Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria G. Dove’s Co-teaching and other collaborative practices in the EFL/ESL classroom: Rationale, research, reflections, and recommendationAZ-TESOL Newsletter33 (4).

Recent Presentations 

Liu, Q., Brown, D., & Rahimi, M. (2016, October). Relationship between Learner Attitudes and the Intake and Uptake of Corrective Feedback in L2 writing. Panel discussion to be held at the 2016 Symposium on Second Language Writing, Phoenix, AZ.

Liu, Q. (2016, April). Effects of coded feedback on the development of linguistic accuracy in L2 writing: Impacts of error types and learner attitudes. Paper presented at the 2016 American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference, Orlando, FL.

Liu, Q. (2016, April). Effectiveness of Error Coding in Promoting L2 Writers’ Linguistic Accuracy. Paper presented at the 2016 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Baltimore, MD.

Liu, Q. (2015, November). Effects of coded feedback on the development of linguistic accuracy in L2 writing: Impacts of error types. Paper presented at the 2015 AZ Linguistics Symposium, Phoenix, AZ.

Brown, D., & Liu, Q. (2015, March). Written corrective feedback and grammatical accuracy: A methodological synthesis and meta-analysis. Paper presented at the 2015 American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Liu, Q., & Brown, D. (2014, November). A methodological synthesis of research on the effectiveness of corrective feedback in L2 writing. Paper presented at the 2014 Symposium on Second Language Writing (SSLW) Conference, Tempe, AZ.

Liu, Q. (2014, March). Meeting IEP students' needs: Corrective feedback in ESL academic writing. Paper presented at the 2014 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Portland, OR.

Liu, Q. (2013, November). Learners’ and instructors’ perceptions and preferences for feedback in ESL writing. Paper presented at the 2013 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) ConferenceProvo, UT.

Liu, Q. (2013, March). Acquiring English past tense through collaborative output tasks. Poster presented at the 2013TESOL Doctoral Forum, Dallas, TX.

Liu, Q. (2013, March). Dictogloss: Beyond a useful task in L2 grammar instruction. Paper presented at the 2013 AZ-TESOL Mini-conference, Flagstaff, AZ.

Liu, Q. (2013, February). The effectiveness of collaborative form-focused tasks in grammar instruction. Paper presented at the 2013 PEAKS Interdisciplinary Conference, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

Liu, Q. (2012, October). Pre-task planning and second language writing. Paper presented at the 2012 AZ-TESOL Conference, Phoenix, AZ.