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College of Arts & Sciences
Linguistics Program

Paul Coats - M.A., TESOL

Core Lecturer of Spanish at Indiana University in Bloomington

Why did you decide to do an MA or PhD in linguistics?

I have always been fascinated with the extreme complexity of language, and the miracle of how we acquire it with little difficulty within such a short time and when many of our other faculties are still undeveloped.

Tell us about your current job.

I am a full-time, core faculty lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University in Bloomington. My primary work is teaching Spanish language courses and developing the Spanish language program.

Why did you choose our program? Did you get what you wanted from the Linguistics Program?

I chose this program primarily because of it's versatility. I was initially interested in the TESOL Graduate Certificate program, but was excited to learn that it could be completed as part of the Linguistics MA, which in turn could fast-track me into the PhD in Linguistics. So, I signed up for all three. I was also drawn to the program because of the high degree of interdisciplinary cooperation, as the program is made up of faculty from languages, psychology, anthropology, neurology, etc. These faculty members have always taken great pleasure in helping me and other students advance towards our academic and professional goals--their advice has been invaluable.

What is your favorite thing in Columbia, SC?‚Äč

I enjoy most the variety of international restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and little gourmet shops that you can find nestled in various corners of the city.