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College of Arts & Sciences
Linguistics Program

Graduate Student Directory

Bianca Robinson

Linguistics Program
University of South Carolina
Degree Program: M.A.
Primary Field: sociolinguistics
Secondary Field: second/foreign language acquisition

Research/ Academic Interests

My current interest is the validation of African American English (AAE) within U.S. society. My research focuses on the complex language ideologies that exist in the Black community, specifically, Black linguistic shame. I also devote my time to the study of Second Language Acquisition, and I am actively engaged in the Italian-speaking community. 

Academic Background

B.A. from Youngstown State University with minors in Italian and Linguistics, TESOL Certified

Recent Presentations

Robinson, Bianca. 2016. "Exploring Linguistic Shame in African American English." Student Research Symposium (SRS), Linguistics Program, University of South Carolina, October 28, 2016.