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Making connections

College of Arts and Sciences ambassadors build important relationships.

Sydney Miller enjoys giving back to her community and school.

As one of the College of Arts and Sciences’ student ambassadors, Miller has gotten the opportunity to do just that throughout the last several months. The history major, who will graduate in December, is one of eight College of Arts and Sciences student ambassadors who formed the inaugural class of the student ambassador program, designed to connect students and potential students with the college’s countless opportunities.

In a college with such diverse programs and a myriad of study, research and service opportunities, sometimes word of mouth is the best way to reach students.

“Who better to talk about the college and give feedback than someone who’s in the midst of experiencing it from a student’s perspective?” Miller says.

The student ambassadors have met with the college’s Board of Visitors and Alumni Council, participated in several recruiting events, launched new social media initiatives, and will give presentations at University 101 sessions in the fall.

“They are the face of the College of Arts and Sciences to students,” says Ann Cameron, director of external relations who oversees the student ambassador program. “Our ambassadors also have truly showcased the outstanding quality of students we have in Arts and Sciences through their participation in numerous events and interactions this spring with alumni and board members.”

Rory Brown, a political science major, said her favorite part of the ambassador experience has been getting to know leaders from the college as well as alumni and other students.

“The connections I have made and the opportunities to not only assist incoming students, but to also interact with past students and faculty members have allowed me to grow in not only a professional sense, but on a personal level as well,” Brown says.

Likewise, Miller joined the ambassador program with a goal of networking and forging connections, and the experience exceeded her expectations. She has been especially impressed by alumni and their strong relationships with the college and university.

“I think a lot of what this school is about is giving back to each other and the community,” she says. “Being around the alumni has shown me that you graduate, but you’re still tied to the school.”

In addition to assisting with events and speaking to prospective students, the ambassadors maintain the College of Arts and Sciences’ Facebook page, where they share important information with the peers across disciplines.

Brown, who said she deeply values the important lessons and skills a liberal arts education provides, enjoyed meeting other students with a similar passion for the college.

“I would encourage other students to definitely get involved in this program. I have been able to interact with alumni and prospective students in a way that I never would have previously had the opportunity,” she says.

Miller echoes those sentiments. She recommends the program because it’s the perfect venue to see your ideas come to fruition.

“You can do some different activities and really make it your own,” she says.

The college this summer will begin taking student ambassador applications for the fall semester. Students who would like to apply to be an ambassador should watch for the application notification on the Arts and Sciences Facebook page, or contact Ann Cameron at

Faculty members who know of a student who would make a great ambassador can contact Ann Cameron at

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