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College of Arts and Sciences

Marine Science

Marine Science is the study of all aspects of the world’s oceans, which cover three-quarters of the Earth’s surface.  Marine Science is also called oceanography.  It has been a formal scientific discipline for more than 150 years.

Marine scientists try to find answers to such questions such as:  What controls wave patterns?  How does a factory’s chemical run-off affect the ocean eco-systems?  How have the brains of fish evolved?  Can ocean chemicals be used as a cancer drug?

At the University of South Carolina, the program is an interdisciplinary major that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science.  Courses are combined in such fields as Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Environmental Health, and Social Sciences into an individually-tailored curriculum.  Students in Marine Science can specialize in biological, chemical, geological, or physical oceanography, or in coastal resource management/marine affairs.

Undergraduates participate in numerous field education projects at a variety of sites in coastal South Carolina and bordering states, including at the University’s internationally famous Belle Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences.

Marine Science graduates will find good job opportunities in private industry (in such fields as aquaculture, exploratory geology, satellite imagery, computer ecological modeling, and environmental impact projects), various state and federal government agencies, the military (particularly the Navy), environmental consulting, coastal areas consulting, marine technology, teaching, and research.

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Marine Sciences Program, 803-777-2962

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