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Through mathematical study students learn how to analyze problems critically and systematically. This fascinating and beautiful subject is a foundational field at the University.

Students develop marketable skills for technical careers in sciences, engineering, and finance. Mathematics is also an excellent major or minor for pre-law and pre-med students. Many undergraduate and graduate students pursue teaching, from secondary schools in-state to research universities around the world. Students also have jobs at government research labs, computer corporations, and insurance companies.

Undergraduate: B.S.

Studying mathematics at the undergraduate level builds a foundation from which students branch off into many successful paths. In addition to in-class opportunities for learning, the Department of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina sponsors Pi Mu Epsilon, the mathematics honors society, among other activities. Students are encouraged to be involved in the community and see math wherever they go.

Graduate: M.S. and Ph.D.

The Department of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina has evolved into one of the premier centers in the Southeast for mathematics research and education. Our master's and doctoral programs have been cited for excellence by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. With its internationally renowned faculty and modern in-house library and computing facilities, the department provides a stimulating and supportive environment for graduate studies. A full range of graduate programs in pure and applied mathematics, and mathematics education is available.


Department Chair
Anton Schep

Undergraduate Director
Dr. M. Miller

Graduate Director
Ognian Trifonov

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