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College of Arts & Sciences
McKissick Museum

Course of Study

The course of study is designed to be completed concurrently with a graduate degree in an academic field, or to supplement a degree already in hand. Degree-seeking students in many departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the College of Mass Communications and Information Studies and other professional programs, integrate museum courses within their programs of study. The certificate program courses are also open to museum professionals who have already attained a graduate degree and would like to extend their knowledge in the museum field.

Course work is focused on three main areas of museum work: management, collections, and exhibitions and related programming. In each of these areas instructors seek to impart current information, encourage independent thinking, and enhance leadership skills. In all courses, students work on team projects in museums throughout South Carolina. For internships, "real world" experience is stressed and expected, as students work on individualized projects from which they and their institutions benefit.

Core Courses

**MUSM 700, MUSM 701, and MUSM 704 are offered sequentially, one per semester.

MUSM 700 Administration and Management of Museums
MUSM 701 Exhibition Development and Interpretation
MUSM 702 Museum Internship
MUSM 703 Museum Management Independent Study
MUSM 704 Collecting, Collections Management, and Curatorial Practice

Transferable Courses or Electives

ANTH 545 Historical Archaeology
ANTH 550 Archaeological Artifact Analysis
ANTH 576 African-American Folklife and Archaeology
ARTH 543 History of American Antiques and Decorative Arts
ARTH 550 Trends in Art History
ARTH 562 Art Conservation
HIST 786 Comparative Applied History, U.S. and U.K.
HIST 787 Material Culture Studies
HIST 789 Historic Site Interpretation
J 797 Special Topics: Digital Imaging
MART 797 Practicum in Media Production

All students must complete 18 credit hours divided among courses and an internship. The core curriculum consisting of two courses (6 credit hours) requires students to take the Administration and Management of Museums (MUSM 700, 3 credit hours) and either Museum Collecting, Collections Management and Curatorial Practice (MUSM 704, 3 credit hours) or Museum Exhibition Development and Interpretation (MUSM 701, 3 credit hours). The other six hours of course work can come from other museum courses, including an independent study option (MUSM 703, 3 credit hours). As an alternative, students may transfer in six hours of approved courses in a field relevant to their museum career goals. The remaining six credit hours needed for the certificate are an internship (MUSM 702, 6 credit hours) at an approved museum.