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College of Arts & Sciences
McKissick Museum

Holocaust Remembered

January 10 through April 8, 2017, 2nd floor lobby

Holocaust Remembered recalls the harrowing history of World War II. It follows the history of the Nazis and their collaborators throughout Europe and clarifies the aim of their “Final Solution,” the extermination of all the Jews of Europe. This exhibition of 24 panels, created by the Columbia Holocaust Education Commission (CHEC) in 2006, tracks this history, but places its emphasis on some of the people from South Carolina who played a significant role in liberating the concentration camps, including their eyewitness accounts. Holocaust Remembered also highlights the Jewish Holocaust Survivor families that immigrated to South Carolina, and speaks to the lessons we all can learn from the history of the Holocaust. For additional information on this exhibition or the CHEC, click here.

Image: Ben Stern (Sterenzys) was born July 21, 1924, the youngest of four children in Kielce, Ukraine. Of the members of the Stern family pictured in the summer of 1925, only Ben, the baby at front, and his oldest sister Zoscia "Sofie," sixth from left, survived the Holocaust. Photo courtesy of Lilly Filler.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017 to Saturday, April 8, 2017