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Our McKissick Museum: Telling the Story of Southern Life

May 13, 2013

By: Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Our McKissick Museum is not only an art museum but one dedicated to examining and celebrating community, culture, and the environment.

The museum has been working to increase the visibility and recognition of its collections by mounting off-site exhibits and programs to connect the people of South Carolina with information and ideas.  Although many supporters see the museum as a center for cultural, folk art and high art collections and exhibitions, the museum also has many impressive collections in natural history.

With funding provided by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the museum began a two-year project to inventory the historically significant minerals and fossils in its natural science collection. The museum’s holdings contain noteworthy local and regional geological collections, including minerals, rocks and fossils (invertebrate, vertebrate and paleobotanic specimens), as well as other significant varieties from around the world.  This cataloguing process is a time consuming and massive job as the team has over 400 drawers of specimens.

Follow the progress of the project team on the blog. Read about their discoveries as they “mine” McKissick’s natural science collections!  As their dean, I sincerely hope they find gold although I doubt we could “deaccession it” to fund other museum programs!

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