A blast from the (not so distant) past – some pictures from the International Genomic Imprinting Workshop of November 2006 which took place at the Tokyo Medical & Medical Dental University in Tokyo, Japan. This meeting featured several scientists who have used Peromyscus in their research including myself, Rachel and Mike O’Neill and Amanda Duselis, a former (incredibly prolific) grad student in my lab while I was at UC Irvine. Rachel O’Neill recently paid us a visit at the PGSC. In addition to her past and current collaborations on the Peromyscus maniculatus/polionotus hybrid dysgenesis, her group is doing some exciting work on the molecular genetics of hardarian gland tumors and subsequent metastasis in our inbred lines of P. leucopus. See the earlier paper describing these tumors here.


A few labels.

Forgot to label these pictures - I recently joined Facebook, so in my mind I was thinking I could "tag" them as you do there.  Anyway, Rachel O'Neill is the 2nd from the right in the top photo, and Mike is third from the left.  I'm next to Mike on the left (that's my wife Frances Lee next to me) - see also the bottom photo.  Amanda is in the middle of the middle photograph, with her husband John next to her.

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