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Papers on any philosophical topic (ethics, politics, religion, science, logic, metaphysics, epistemology, language, etc.) are solicited for the upcoming annual SCSP meeting. Submissions from students are very strongly encouraged.


Prizes ($50) will be awarded for the best papers authored by a South Carolina graduate student and by a South Carolina undergraduate student. These winning papers will be included on the program for the annual meeting. Other student papers, in addition to the prize-winners, may also be included on the program. Papers submitted for consideration for an award will be judged by two referees who are not from the student's institution.

Submission Guidelines for Students

Guidelines and deadlines for submissions from students are included in the most recent general call for papers.

Past Winners of Student Essay Prizes

Undergraduate Awards:
      Jay Carlson Wofford College 2010
      Lara Simpson Wofford College 2007
      Ben Horne College of Charleston 2006
      Brian Lucier Wofford College 2005
      Chad Lykins College of Charleston 2003
      Adrian M. Viens University of Toronto* 2002
      Patrick Warren USC Columbia 2000
      Kelley McPherson USC Columbia 1998
      Eric J. Baron USC Columbia 1997
      Holly Schoenke College of Charleston 1996
      Robert D. Dodson Wofford College 1995
      Kimberly M. Pospisil Wofford College 1994
      J. Richard Shirley Clemson University 1992
      Don Hrabe, Jr. College of Charleston 1991
      Kevin Bringewatt Wofford College 1989
      Sarah M. Elkins College of Charleston 1988
      Shannon Duval Furman University 1987
      Sabrina Vogel College of Charleston 1986
      Thomas Pennachetti College of Charleston 1984
      Lauren Ross Furman University 1983
      Rita L. Childress College of Charleston 1979
      Mark A. Stone Furman University 1978
      L. Craig Dubose Furman University 1977
      Marshall McClintock Furman University 1974
      David M. Matthews USC Columbia 1973
      Thomas B. Turner Furman University 1972
      Lee D. Purvis USC Columbia 1971
      William A. Stubbs USC Columbia 1968
      James L. Mahaffey Wofford College 1968
      Herbert L. Leff USC Columbia 1963
      Pixie Foster USC Columbia 1962
      Gloria Anne Haynes Winthrop University 1961
      Harriet Dantzler Winthrop University 1960
      Rupert Douglas Paige USC Columbia 1959
Graduate Awards:
      Brian Zaharatos USC Columbia 2010
      Travis Rieder USC Columbia 2009
      Patrick Brissey USC Columbia 2008
      Richard Holmes USC Columbia 2007
      Patrick Brissey USC Columbia 2006
      Jeff Turner USC Columbia 2005
      Daniel Malloy USC Columbia 2004
      Austin Matzko USC Columbia 2003
      Cynthia B. Bryson USC Columbia 2001
      Matt Miller USC Columbia 2000
      Larry Jorgensen USC Columbia 1999
      Timothy A. Preston USC Columbia 1997
      Sheila Lintott USC Columbia 1996
      Deborah Tollefsen USC Columbia 1995
      H. Darren Hibbs USC Columbia 1994
      Beattie Butler USC Columbia 1993
      Jennifer Gormel USC Columbia 1992
      E. Alan Folley USC Columbia 1990
      Timothy A. Preston USC Columbia 1989
      Mark Moller USC Columbia 1988
      Noel O’Rear Morton USC Columbia 1987
      Steve Rast USC Columbia 1986

* The essay judges in 2002 were not aware of the SCSP policy that student essay prizes will be awarded only to South Carolina students, or for papers written while the author was a South Carolina student.
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