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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Philosophy

Graduate Student Directory

Brandon Boesch

Department of Philosophy
University of South Carolina

Office: Byrnes 443
Office Hours:

Office hours for Spring 2017 are planned to be 10a-2:30p, Wednesdays. This is subject to change, so feel free to shoot me an email to confirm!


Research Interests 

General Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Action, and Applied Ethics (Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, and Ethics of Philanthropy)


You can see my CV here and there are links to my publications here
My main areas of research are philosophy of science, philosophy of action, and applied ethics (bioethics, environmental ethics, and ethics of philanthropy). I am also interested in the history of ethics (especially Aristotle, Aquinas, and Hume) and reflecting on philosophical issues as they arise in literature, film, and television.
My dissertation project looks to the philosophy of action to help better ground, understand, and develop pragmatic accounts of scientific representation. Though many philosophers of science agree that an agent's action or intentions are crucial elements to understanding scientific representation, there has been very little work done on what conception of intention or action are being used. Here, I turn to the philosophical accounts of the nature of action to do some of this work. You can read more about my dissertation here. You can see other works in progress here
I have independently taught courses on logic, contemporary moral issues, and philosophy of emotions. You can read more about my teaching here. 
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!