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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Philosophy

Graduate Student Directory

Craig Bacon

Department of Philosophy
University of South Carolina

Office: Byrnes 445
Office Hours:

S16: Wednesdays 11a-12m, Thursdays 12m-1pm, or by appointment.

Research Interests 

Early Modern (esp. Kant), Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Existentialism & Hermeneutics, Neoplatonism


Current Research Interests: I am writing a dissertation on Kant's idea of the highest good. I argue against the dichotomies common in the scholarship--theological vs. secular, individual vs. communal, duty vs. ideal--and for an intepretation of the highest good as a practical, regulative idea by which we can conceptualize and assess moral progress. I also argue that the postulates of God and immortality play a narrowly circumscribed role in practical reason's quest for systematic unity of its ends.

Additional Interests: Kant's moral argument(s) for God's existence as a pattern for practical theistic belief that sidesteps the problem of evil; Hutcheson's non-utilitarian use of a "utilitarian calculus;" the relationship between happiness and morality in non-utilitarian, non-eudaimonistic moral theories; Philosophical Hermeneutics; and Neoplatonic metaphysics and ethics.