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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Philosophy

Tenure-Track Faculty

Name Email Research Interests
Anne Bezuidenhout, Professor send e-mail Pragmatics, Semantics/pragmatics interface, Theories of verbal communication, Experimental pragmatics, Philosophy of mind, Epistemology
F. Thomas Burke, Professor send e-mail Pragmatism, American Philosophy, Logic, Cognitive Science
Michael Dickson, Professor send e-mail philosophy of physics, general philosophy of science, game theory
Christopher Frey, Asst. Professor send e-mail Ancient Greek Philosophy, Philosophy of Perception and Mind, Metaphysics
Jennifer A. Frey, Asst. Professor send e-mail Virtue Ethics, Philosophy of Action, Meta-ethics, and History of Philosophy.
Jeremiah Hackett, Professor send e-mail History of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Moral Philosophy
George Khushf, Professor send e-mail Bioethics, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy and Ethics of Emerging Science and Technology
Matthew Kisner, Assoc. Professor send e-mail Early Modern Philosophy, History of Ethics
Tarja Knuuttila, Associate professor send e-mail General Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of the Special Sciences, Interdisciplinary Research, Science and Technology Studies.
Leah McClimans, Assoc. Professor send e-mail Philosophy of Medicine, Medical Ethics, Feminist Philosophy
Anne Pollok, Asst. Professor send e-mail Philosophy of Culture; Aesthetics in the continental tradition; History of Early Modern Philosophy, esp. German Enlightenment
Konstantin Pollok, Professor send e-mail early modern philosophy - Kant, and Kantianisms - early modern history of science - history of ethics, metaethics, and political philosophy
Heike Sefrin-Weis, Assoc. Professor send e-mail Ancient Philosophy, Ancient Science, History of Mathematics
Michael Stoeltzner, Professor send e-mail Philosophy and History of Physics, Philosophy and History of Applied Mathematics, Epistemology of Elementary Particle Physics, Models and Ceteris Paribus Laws, Patterns of Formal Teleology
Christopher Tollefsen, Distinguished Professor send e-mail Natural Law ethics; philosophy of action; bioethics; practical ethics
Justin Weinberg, Assoc. Professor send e-mail Political Philosophy, Ethics