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Get Help in Logic

Help! Logic is hard...

If you are having trouble in logic, there are several places to turn. We encourage you to try any or all of them. Remember: The more frequently you seek help when you are confused, the more likely you are to succeed in the class.

Dont wait until it is too late: Get help now!

So what can you do if you are having trouble in class? There are several options:

Participate in Class!

First and foremost, attend class, do any and all homework, and visit your professor or TA to seek help. There is very strong evidence that students who do these things succeed in the class, and even stronger evidence that student who do not do these things do not succeed. Even if going to class does not feel very enlightening, do it anyway. You will be surprised how much it can help down the line, even if it does not feel like you are being enlightened at the moment.

Supplemental Instruction

If your section of logic has a supplemental instruction leader, attend the help sessions. These help sessions are focused on helping you understand the recent lectures in class. Often if the material from class was not clear to you, it can help to hear it in a different way. Your SI leader is someone who has seen it all before and came out the other side with a strong grade. He or she knows how to succeed in the course, and can help you do so. Take advantage of that opportunity!

For the schedule, and links to further information about Supplemental Instruction, visit this page:


The Student Success Center runs a tutoring program for certain courses at USC. Information about this program, and specifically when and where tutoring is available, can be found here:

The Logic Lab

The Logic Lab is available at certain times during the week for any student of PHIL 110 to come in for help. Here, you can get one on one or group help, as needed. It is a great resource for logic students, so please take advantage of it! Hours for the Logic Lab are posted here: