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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Philosophy

Current Graduate Students

Name Education Research Interests
Craig Bacon B.A. in Religious Studies & Humanities, Columbia International University (2007) A.A. in Liberal Arts, Tidewater Community College (2005) Early Modern (esp. Kant), Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Existentialism & Hermeneutics, Neoplatonism
John Bauer
Tiffany Beaver BA - Philosophy and Psychology, Erskine College 2005 LMSW (Master of Social Work, Licensed) - USC 2007 modern slavery, responsibility for modern slavery, ethics, applied ethics
Brandon Boesch B.A. Philosophy, Biology, and Spanish - Benedictine College (2011) General Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Action, and Applied Ethics (Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, and Ethics of Philanthropy)
Daniel Castell
Cristin Chall MA in Philosophy, Virginia Tech BS in Physics, Howard University Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science, Logic
Nathan Cornwell BA, Franciscan University of Steubenville Philosophy of Action, Metaethics, Virtue Theory
Michael Crawford BA Philosophy, Furman University (2012) Neurolaw, Ethics, History of Ideas, Pragmatism, Wittgenstein
Laura Cupples BS Physics, Davidson College, 2002 MA Philosophy, University of South Carolina, 2013 Philosophy of Science in Practice, Philosophy of Measurement, Measurement in the Health Sciences, Bioethics, Science and Values, History of Science
Nicholas Danne Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2002. MA Philosophy, Holy Apostles College and Seminary, 2015. Philosophy of science, metaphysics, mathematical realism.
Stephen Everett BA, Valdosta State, 2004 American Philosophy, Pragmatism (Dewey, Mead, etc.), Neopragmatism, Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Environmental Philosophy
Roel Feys B.A. Applied Economic Sciences, Universiteit Hasselt, 2003 M.A. Applied Economic Sciences, Universiteit Hasselt, 2005 B.A. Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2010 M.A. Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2011 Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care, Business Ethics
Thomas Francovitch B.A. Political Science and Philosophy, Eastern University Jurisprudence, Political Philosophy, Ethics
Rosa Fuller BS, Mathematics, UNC at Wilmington, 2002 History of Philosophy
Kelly Gallagher M.A. Philosophy (University of Arkansas) Natural Philosophy, Metaphysics, Action Theory, Free Will, Philosophy of Religion, Aristotle, Aquinas
Gerad Gentry See AOS: History of Modern Philosophy, German Idealism (esp. Kant, Fichte, and Hegel) AOC: Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Ethical Theory, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Religion, and Continental Philosophy
Brittany Gentry BA, Houghton College, 2009 Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Time, Political Philosophy, Ethics and Moral Psychology
Michael Glawson BA, Theology, Southeastern Bible College, 2008 Philosophy of Technology, Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Phenomenology and Hermeneutics
Jennifer Gray BA, UNC at Asheville, 2008 History of Philosophy
Robert Hamilton PhD, Linguistics, University of South Carolina, 1997 BA, Speech Communication, Southern Mississippi, 1987 Philosophy of Language, Quinean anti-realism, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Science
Rich Holmes MA, University of South Carolina, 2008 ethics
Robert Johnson
Hyun-Jeong Kang BA in English Literature and Philosophy, Chonnam National University (Gwnagju, South Korea) MA in Philosophy, University of Missouri (Columbia, Missouri) Moral Philosophy
Chia-Hua Lin MA, National Yang-Ming University, 2010
Frank Martin BA, Yale MA, CUNY Hunter
Cagney McGonegal BS/BA, John Carroll University, MA, Cleveland State Ancient Philosophy, Aristotle's Ethics, Socratic Ethics
Adam Omelianchuk University of Northwestern (BS); Biola (MA) Applied Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
Michelle Panchuk BA, Intercultural Studies, Columbia International University, 2004 MA, Philosophy, University of South Carolina, 2012 My dissertation is on the relationship between the God of classical theism and universals construed abstractly. I argue that divine concepts can do all of the work for which metaphysicians posit abstract universals and that such a theory is consistent with the doctrine of divine simplicity. I am also interested in medieval understandings of the relationship between God and the problem of universals and in neo-platonism in 19th century Russian philosophy, especially the work of Vladimir Solovyov.
Justin Price
Timothy Reeves
James Rhea MA, Biola University, 2011 Social Epistemology, Bioethics, Applied Ethics
Nathan Sasser BA, Philosophy and English, NC State, 2002 MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2005 Modern Metaphysics, Modern Epistemology
Russell Shull
James Smith
Sven Stenberg
Jeremy Weissman