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Department of Philosophy

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Jennifer Gray

Department of Philosophy
University of South Carolina

Office: Byrnes 446
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Research Interests 

History of Philosophy


Current Research Interests: I have been working as a research assistant for the past few years on the critical edition of the writings of Henry of Ghent, a secular theologian who taught at the University of Paris in the late 13th century. The Opera Omnia series is being published by Leuven University Press in Leuven, Belgium. My current work is on Henry’s Summa, art. 53-55, thanks to a grant funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. I am primarily interested in the content of Henry’s philosophy, focusing on his notion of relation and concept formation as they pertain to his use of the intentional distinction. This fits into my larger project of examining the nuances behind the re-introduction of Aristotle to the Latin West, via Islamic scholars, in the High Middle Ages. When I need a break from ‘all-things-medieval’, I typically gravitate towards early American Pragmatism and Aesthetics. I am currently interested in John Dewey’s influence on John Rice and the founders of Black Mountain College.
Selected Publications: The Historical Development of the Second Parisian University Exemplar of Henry of Ghent's Quodlibet IV, (Together with Gordon A. Wilson.) Bulletin de Philosophie Medieval; (Societe Internationale pour L'Etude de la Philosophie Medievale, vol. 50) 2008.