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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Philosophy

Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Philosophy Undergraduate Studies page!

 In contrast to wide-spread opinion, studying Philosophy is not a dangerous dead-end for all academic or professional pursuits - Philosophy majors do well on important tests, are sought-after in academic programs like law or medicine, and stand a good chance to see an above-average increase in their salaries over the course of their respective careers ( ).

In our courses, we question some basic assumptions about our world and ourselves. But no worries - you won't be lost in all these issues! We focus on teaching you how to carefully examine a complex problem, analyze its internal logic, question its basic assumptions and concepts, and approach solutions from unexpected vantage points.

In reply to the popular question, "Can you afford the luxury to study philosophy?" we reply: "Can you afford not to?"

Philosophy is, simply, a great major!




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 Also see the Financial Aid and Scholarships section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.