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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Philosophy


The Department of Philosophy is first and foremost dedicated to providing students with the highest quality education in philosophy that we can. We also take very seriously the fact that most students come to us hoping to make good use of their degree in q long-term career, whether that be in traditional academic philosophy or elsewhere. We encourage all students to think very carefully about what they hope and plan to do after finishing a successful degree with us, and we will work hard, with you, to help ou make it happen. The list below indicates, to the best of our knowledge, what students have done after finishing a degree with us.

Year Name Dissertation Last Known Position
2016 John Bauer The Virtue Of Truthfulness And The Military Profession: Reconciling Honesty With The Requirement To Deceive During War Army Strategist and Instructor, Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA
2016 Michelle Panchuk Divine Ideas for Metaphysical Realism Assistant Professor, Murray State University
2015 Rich Holmes Situationism and the Promise of Virtue Ethics Pastor, Northridge Presbyterian Church, North Canton, OH
2014 Daniel Kruidenier A Critique of Charles Peirce's Account of the Necessary Conditions for the Possibility of Experience Instructor, Midlands Technical College
2014 Caleb Colley John Pecham on Life and Mind Pastor, Macland Road Church of Christ, Marietta, GA
2014 Michael Spicher Political Perfectionism and Aesthetic Experience Lecturer, Boston University; and Program Coordinator and Instructor, Brookline Adult and Community Education, Boston, MA
2013 Argiri Aggelopoulou Aristotle's Theory of Emotions unable to seek employment
2013 Patrick Brissey Descartes' `World': An Interpretation of the `Discourse on Method' Instructor, University of South Carolina
2013 Gordon Purves The Productive Roles of Falsehoods in Science. Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart University
2011 Mia Wood A Standpoint for Critique: The Metaphorical Status of Critique in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Associate Professor, Pierce College
2010 Yeuncheol Jeong Bohmian Quantum Mechanics with Quantum Trajectory. Instructor, Chungbuk National University.
2009 Katherine Robinson The Moral Significance of Environmental Aesthetics and its Importance for Environmental Decision Making and Policy Setting. Instructor, Department of Philosophy and School of the Environment, University of South Carolina
2009 Preston McKever-Floyd On Becoming Divine: A Study of the "Divine/Self" in Grace Jantzen. Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University.
2009 Christian Hipp Trust in Medicine: Reconfiguring the Traditional Medical Fiduciary. Assistant Professor, Newberry College.
2008 Liz Stillwaggon Swan Mind and Body?What's the Problem? A Systems Approach to Life-Mind Continuity. Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Mercyhurst University
2007 Rodrigo Moro Linda is Back: Controversies Around the Conjunction Fallacy in the Psychology of Reasoning. Assistant Professor, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina.
2006 Daniel Malloy Marcuse's Second Dimension: Negativity and Critical Theory. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University.
2006 Jeffrey Turner Moral Inquiry, the Virtues, and Pluralism: MacIntyre's Deweyan and Wittgensteinian Roots. Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor, USC Columbia.
2005 David Przekupowski Dialogical Authenticity: Kierkegaard, Heidegger, and the Quest for Authentic Identity. Assistant Professor, San Antonio College, San Antonio TX.
2005 Matthew Miller Hegel's Ladder and Symbolic Forms. Lecturer, University of Central Oklahoma.
2005 Eric Mullis Toward an Embodied Aesthetic. Assistant Professor, Queens University, Charlotte NC.
2004 Nikola Ristic Nietzsche and Modern Subjectivity. Assistant Professor, Ottawa University, Ottawa, KS.
2003 Cynthia Bryson Marsilio Ficino's "Triple Spiritus": A Consistent and Coherent Theory. Fulltime Faculty, Greenville Technical College, Greenville SC.
2003 Jennifer Emmert Self and Transcendence: A Study in the Phenomenology of Religion. Peace Corps Volunteer, Cameroon.
2003 Kaloyan Hariskov The Subject of Change in Aristotle's Metaphysics. Instructor, Georgia State University, Atlanta
2003 Matthew Kenney Seducing the Soul: Eros and Protreptic in the Platonic Dialogues. Visiting Assistant Professor, Furman University.
2003 Elizabeth Marcus Wanderings of a Victorian Woman: Harriet Taylor Mill's Views on Human Flourishing. Instructor, USC Aiken.
2003 Dina Mendonça The Anatomy of Experience: An Analysis of Dewey's Concept of Experience. Post-doctoral Fellowship, Instituto de Filosofia da Linguagem, Lisbon.
2003 Sara Shady The Self in Community: An Exploration of Authentic Being-With-Others. Associate Professor, Bethel College, St. Paul MN.
2002 Andrew Jones-Cathcart Freedom, Self-Knowledge, and Self-Deception: A Problematic in the Thought of Kant, Hegel, and Kierkegaard. Assistant Professor, College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA
2002 Timothy Preston Reductionism with a Human Face. Lecturer, University of San Francisco.
2000 Christine James Objective Knowledge in Science: Dialectical Objectivity and the History of Sonar Technology. Assistant Professor, Valdosta State.
1999 John Catalano Francis Lieber: Hermeneutics and Practical Reason. Professor and Dean, USC Lancaster.