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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Philosophy

Graduate Student Directory

Robert Hamilton

Department of Philosophy
University of South Carolina

Office: Byrnes 444
Office Hours:

By Appointmen

Research Interests 

Philosophy of Language, Quinean anti-realism, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Science


Current Research Interests: semantics/pragmatics of epithets; Quinean anti-realism; propositional attitudes and values in the philosophy of science
Selected Publications:

"Underdetermined Binding of Reflexives by Adult Japanese-Speaking Learners of English." Second Language Research, 14, 293-321(29). 1998.

"Epithets as antilogophoric pronouns." Linguistic Inquiry, 29, 685-693 (with Stanley Dubinsky). 1998.

"Against underdetermined reflexive binding." Second Language Research, 12, 420-446 (special issue on Alternatives to Universal Grammar, guest edited by Fred Eckman). 1996.

"The noun phrase accessibility hierarchy in SLA: Determining the basis of its developmental effects." In Eckman, Highland, Lee, Mileham, & Rutkowski Weber (Eds.), Second Language Acquisition Theory and Pedagogy (pp. 101-114). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers. 1995.

"Is implicational generalization unidirectional and maximal?: Evidence from relativization instruction in a second language." Language Learning, 44, 123-157. 1994.