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Socrates believed that the unexamined life is not worth living.  The Department of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina helps students examine the world, especially human practices and institutions, in an effort to gain understanding and wisdom.

The skills that one learns in philosophy – the ability to think clearly and to work out successful resolutions of problems in committees or groups – are crucial to success in most any career. Specifically, a degree in philosophy prepares students for positions in law, business, public policy and academia.

Undergraduate: B.A.

Philosophy majors have a wide range of educational opportunities. The department emphasizes analytical reasoning both for general education and as a preparation for pre-law students.

Philosophy majors also benefit from outstanding faculty members who promote study opportunities both at the university and overseas. They study how to reason analytically and develop the ability to argue persuasively through courses that promote reflection on either the historical developments in philosophy or on ethical values as they relate to business, engineering, morality, politics and social justice.

Graduate: M.A. and Ph.D.

The graduate program at the University of South Carolina is dedicated to providing a high quality graduate education in philosophy to talented students who wish to pursue advanced study, possibly towards a career in academia or related fields. The program emphasizes historical awareness of the perennial problems in philosophy, as well as an opportunity to pursue focused interests in several specialized areas such as the history of philosophy, philosophy of science, normative and practical philosophy (including ethics, health care ethics, and bioethics), and philosophy of language and linguistics, among others.


Department Chair
Michael Dickson

Undergraduate Director
Jeff Turner

Graduate Director
Konstantin Pollok

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