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Department of Political Science

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Mark Tompkins

Department of Political Science
University of South Carolina

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Fields of Inquiry: Public Administration and Public Policy
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF


Ph.D., University of Minnesota (1980)

Additional Affiliations:
School of the Environment 
School of Medicine 
School of Public Health 
E-mail:    tompkins.mark AT           

Phone: 803-777-3109

Professor Tompkins studies public policy, with particular interests in health and environmental policies, and US government, emphasizing the study of the states in the U.S.

His research has most recently appeared in Public Administration Review, and Pediatrics, while earlier work appeared in journals ranging from the Journal of Politics to the American Journal of Public Health and the American Journal of Epidemiology.

He is currently working on several projects:  one involves the nature of the relationship with those served by public agencies -- often styled as "customers" and “stakeholders,” we find that they actually involve a much richer array of possibilities.   This work continues with Professor Philip H. Jos (College of Charleston).

He is also working with Professor Kendra Stewart (College of Charleston) and Professor Tony Dukes (USC) on an analysis of government restructuring in South Carolina.

A larger project involves the study of professional accountability and discipline.   In this work, he is investigating the nature of the institutions of professional discipline across the fifty states.

He has recently concluded seven years of service as the Parliamentarian of the Faculty Senate.