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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Political Science

Department Hosts Inaugural Southeast Methods Meeting

With generous support from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department will be hosting the Inaugural Southeast Methods Meeting on Friday, February 8, at the Inn at USC.  The conference will feature several leading scholars in political methodology.  Jeff Gill, from Washington University in St. Louis, will be presenting “Revealing Latent Clusters from Dirichlet Process Mixtures Models Using Product Partitions.”  Drew Linzer from Emory University will be presenting “Dynamic Bayesian Forecasting of Presidential Elections in the States.” Finally, Betsy Sinclair from the University of Chicago will be presenting “Community Structures:  Networks and Voter Mobilization.”  The conference will bring together political methodology scholars from across the Southeast to discuss these papers.  The organizers of the conference are Professors David Darmofal, Amanda Licht and Holger Kern.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013