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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Political Science

Rep Tom Cole

Congressman Speaks about Upcoming Election


"Congressman Tom Cole is a major player on the national scene."

So dominate, Time Magazine voted him as having the "sharpest mind in the house."
That mind spent hours sharing some of his political wisdom with hundreds of students majoring in poly sci like senior Keith Taylor who tell us he's fascinated by the workings of government and he wasn't alone. 

Dozens of other students, staff and professors packed Gambrell Hall to listen to the Congressman discuss what's happening on the political scene and how a tough summer for the Obama Administration could spell victory for the GOP.. 

"The surge in illegal immigration near the border, Russian activity in the Ukraine, re-establishing ISIL, ebola, the secret service all of these things are happening on the watch of this administration and that makes things tough."

That said, right now all eyes are on the Senate and the possibility that the GOP could regain control over the house. But according to Congressman Cole - that's not a definite by any means. 

"The Republicans have a great opportunity to take back control , but as they have demonstrated in the past 2 elections they can shoot themselves in the foot pretty good too."

Regardless of the party affiliation, the Congressman says he really wants to push the message of involvement to so many young people who have yet to know their power at the polls. 

"All these kids have an opportunity, who ever their candidate is to shape history, so i'm just urging them to get involved."


By Rochelle Dean




Wednesday, October 22, 2014