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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Political Science

Grad Student Publications

Recent Student Publications

Peer Reviewed Articles

Lin, Yitzu (Jerry), and John Hsieh. Forthcoming. "Change and Continuity in Taiwan’s Public Opinion on the Cross-Strait Economic Interactions." Journal of Asian and African Studies.

Page, Douglas. Forthcoming. "How voters hold the European People’s Party accountable in European Parliament elections." Journal of European Integration.

Reid, Rebecca and Kirk Randazzo. Forthcoming. “Statutory Language and the Separation of Powers.” Judicature.

Su, Xuhong, Xueyang Li, and Endra Curry. Forthcoming. “Understanding workplace flexibility in state agencies: what facilitates employee access?” American Review of Public Administration.

Songer, Donald R., Miroslava Radieva, and Rebecca Reid. Forthcoming. “Gender Diversity in the Intermediate Appellate Courts of Canada.” Justice System Journal.

Yoo, In Tae. Forthcoming. “Power concentration or parity? The conditional influence of power distribution in regional economic integration.” International Relations of the Asia-Pacific.

Heinrich, Tobias, Yoshiharu Kobayashi, and Kristin A. Bryant. 2016. “Public Opinion and Foreign Aid Cuts in Economic Crises.” World Development 77: 66-79.

Fuller, Clay Robert. 2016. "Regime Stability in Anocracies: The Role of Special Economic Zones." Jadavpur Journal of International Relations. 19 (2): 1-21.

Rauh, Jonathan. 2016. “Give a Little or Lose a Lot? The Effects of Increased Transparency on Local Applications for Federal Grant Funds.” Administration and Society.

Strickler, Ryan.  2015.  “A Sorted America?  Geography Polarization and Value Overlap in the American Electorate.”  Social Science Quarterly.  Early View: doi:10.1111/ssqu.12202.

Yoo, In Tae. 2015. “Why Engage with More Institutions? Changes in Economic Power Distribution and Levels of Economic Cooperation.” The Korean Journal of International Studies.

Rauh, Jonathan. 2015. “Problems in Identifying Public and Private Organizations: A Demonstration Using a Simple Naïve Bayesian Categorization.” Public Organization Review.

Ginn, Martha Humphries, Kathleen Searles, and Amanda Jones. 2014. “Vouching for the Court? How High Stakes Affect Knowledge and Support for the Supreme Court.” Justice System Journal.

Rauh, Jonathan. 2014. “In-Class Experiments as an Accompaniment to In-Class Discussion” Journal of Political Science Education.

Rauh, Jonathan. 2014.“The Utility of Online Choice Options: Do Purely Online Schools Increase the Value to Students?” Education Policy Analysis Archives 34 (19). Available Online

Wu, Charles. 2014. "Interest Similarity and Cross Strait Peace." Fudan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Masood, Ali and Donald R. Songer. 2013. "Re-Evaluating Decision Making Models: the Role of Summary Decisions in U.S. Supreme Court Analysis." Journal of Law and Courts.

Smith, Lauren E. and Laura R. Olson. 2013. “Attitudes about Socio-moral issues Among Religious and Secular Youth.” Politics and Religion Journal 7(2): 285-314.

Smith, Lauren E., and Lee Demetrius Walker. 2013. “Belonging, Believing, and Group Behavior Religiosity and Voting in American Presidential Elections.” Political Research Quarterly 66(2): 399–413.

Kassow, Benjamin J., Donald R. Songer, and Michael P. Fix. 2012. "The Influence of Precedent on State Supreme Courts." Political Research Quarterly 65(2): 372-384.

Kassow, Benjamin J., and Charles J. Finocchiaro. 2011. "Responsiveness and Electoral Accountability in the U.S. Senate." American Politics Research 39(6): 1019-1044.

Rauh, Jonathan. 2011. “Online Education as a Toll Good: An Analysis of the South Carolina Virtual School Program.” Computers & Education 57(2): 1583-1594.

Smith, Lauren E., Laura R. Olson and Jeffery A. Fine. 2010. “Substantive Religious Representation in the U.S. Senate.” Political Research Quarterly 63(1): 68-82.


Invited Articles

Randazzo, Kirk and TJ Kimel. 2013. "Pragmatism on the Federal Court: The Obama Nominees." Social Science Quarterly.


Book Chapters

Trunkos, Judit and Heere Bob. Forthcoming. "Sports Diplomacy: A review of how sports can be used to improve international relationships" in Craig Esherick, Bob Baker, Steve Jackson, Michael Sam Eds., Running Head: Sports Diplomacy: A review. West Virginia University, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences' International Center for Performance Excellence.

Randazzo, Kirk and Rebecca Reid. 2015. “Statutory Interpretation and the Chief Justice: Activism or Judicial Discretion?” in The Chief Justice: Appointment and Influence, David J.Danelski and Artemus Ward, eds.

Darmofal, David, and Ryan Strickler. 2014. “Bringing Together Spatial Demography and Political Science: Reexamining The Big Sort.” in Frank M. Howell, Jeremy R. Porter and Stephen Mathews (eds.), Recapturing Space: New Middle-Range Theory In Spatial Demography. Volume 1, Spatial Demography Series. Dordrecht: Springer.


Other Publications

Simonyi, András and Judit Trunkos. 2015. “Spectral Power: Eliminating the Hard/Soft Power Dichotomy” in Aude Jehan and Andras Simonyi eds., Smarter Power. The Key to a Strategic Transatlantic Partnership. SAIS Publication

Simonyi, András and Judit Trunkos. 2014. “How Putin Stole Our Smart Power” Huffington Post. June 18, 2014.

Davis, Stephanie R. (2013). Second Continental Congress Address. In J. Vile, & D. Hudson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of the fourth amendment. (pp. 562-563). Washington, DC: CQ Press.