The Judicial Research Initiative (JuRI) 

at the University of South Carolina                               



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Graduate Student Placement

at Academic Institutions

Name Year Completed Placement
Raul Sanchez Urribarri 2010 Tulane University (Visiting Position)
A.J. Barghothi 2009 University of Wyoming
Elisha Savchak 2009 North Carolina State University
Jennifer Barnes Bowie 2008 George Mason University
John Szmer 2005 University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Tajuana Massie 2004 South Carolina State University
Susan Johnson 2004 University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Erin Kaheny 2004 University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee
Tammy Sarver 2002 Benedictine College
Martha Humphries Ginn 2001

Augusta State University

University of Connecticut (originally)

Ashlyn Kuersten 1997 Western Michigan University
Stefanie Lindquist 1995

University of Texas College of Law

Vanderbilt University (previously)

University of Georgia (originally)

Susan Haire 1993

University of Georgia

National Science Foundation

Reginald Sheehan 1990

Michigan State University

University of North Texas (originally)

Ruth Ann Strickland 1988 Appalachian State University