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Department of Political Science

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Neal Woods

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Political Science
University of South Carolina

Phone Number 803-777-7359
Office: 309 Gambrell
Fields of Inquiry: American Politics Public Administration and Public Policy
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF
Neal Woods


Neal Woods received his Ph.D. in 2003 from the University of Kentucky. His dissertation Rethinking Regulation: Institutions and Interests in State Regulatory Enforcement was awarded the Leonard D. White Award for Best Dissertation in Public Administration from the American Political Science Association. 

Prior to his doctoral education he was a student at the University of Kansas, where he received bachelor’s degrees in economics, business administration, and political science.  Both Kansas and Kentucky won NCAA men’s basketball championships during his tenure at those schools, a tradition he expects to continue at USC.


Professor Woods’ research interests lie in the areas of public policy, public administration, federalism and intergovernmental relations, and state politics.  Substantively, much of his research focuses on environmental/energy policy and regulation.  He has published numerous articles on these and related topics in political science, public administration, and public policy journals.  


Professor Woods teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on public policy, public administration, public accountability and ethics, and data analysis.  He is a core member of the department’s NASPAA accredited Master in Public Administration program.


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