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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Political Science


Spring 2013 Calendar

January 18 -- David Darmofal, University of South Carolina
"The Privatization of Conflict?  A Spatial Analysis of the System of 1896"
3:30pm Gambrell 005

February 22 -- Donald Green, Columbia University
"Do Online Advertisements Increase Political Candidates' Name Recognition or Favorability? Evidence from Randomized Field Experiments"
3:30pm Gambrell 005

March 1 -- Frank Baumgartner, University of North Carolina
"The Politics of Information"
3:30pm Gambrell 005

March 19 -- John Patty, Washington University
"Bureaucratic Hierarchies: Transparency, Delegation, and Communication"

March 29 -- Xuhong Su, University of South Carolina
3:30pm Gambrell 005