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Department of Political Science

Research Opportunities

A distinctive feature of USC, as well as the faculty of the Department of Political Science, is the emphasis on engaging undergraduates in research. As a major research university, USC undergraduate students have access to leading experts in the field, and we encourage students to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Not only does it help you grow as a scholar, these sorts of opportunities can better prepare you for advanced study in graduate school and often lead to letters of recommendation that help you stand out in a crowded field of applicants!

Start by reviewing the list of ongoing research opportunities below. Also consider the USC Office of Undergraduate Research, and its Magellan Scholars program in particular, to learn more about funded research opportunities. Students majoring in or being mentored by Political Science faculty are frequent recipients of Magellan awards.

Current Research Opportunities

Dr. David Darmofal (American Politics, Political Methodology)
Research Opportunities 

Dr. Charles J. Finocchiaro (American Politics)
Research Experience on the Historical Congress