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College of Arts and Sciences

Political Science

The Department of Political Sciences offers degrees that unite scholars and students in a common interest of advancing the critical understanding of how the world of politics works, why it both persists and changes over time, and how it might be improved. 

This field of study offers a strong foundation needed for careers in law, public office and administration, and business.

Undergraduate: B.A.

Undergraduates are encouraged to develop their more particular interests and aspirations through a wide variety of course offerings and outside-the-classroom experiences and opportunities. As a political science major, students select courses from fields such as American politics, comparative politics, international relations, public administration and policy, and political theory, while also developing one or two individualized areas of interest.

Undergraduate students learn how to research the answers to important questions related to politics, political values and public policy. They benefit from a wide variety of course offerings and have the opportunity to complete a public service internship to gain hands-on experience.

Graduate: Ph.D.

Graduate students are able to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pursue their interests in professional careers. The Department of Political Science offers a Ph.D. in Political Science. The Ph.D. program is designed to produce leading scholars in the discipline of Political Science.


Department Chair
Todd Shaw

Undergraduate Director
Janis Leaphart

Graduate Director
Timothy Peterson

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