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Professional Science Master

As an alternative to the traditional research-based M.S. or Ph.D. programs, the professional science master is for students interested in careers in science- and technology-based business. The professional science master program provides students with the skills needed to successfully develop, apply and market science and technology in a business setting. The ultimate goal is of this program is successful placement into a rewarding career in an evolving, high-tech job market.



There is a high demand for professionals who can apply IT and work with vast biological databases for a variety of research and industry applications. The Professional Science Master’s in Bioinformatics degree program meets that demand by providing a comprehensive curriculum that combines coursework in bioinformatics, genetics and biology with computer algorithms and statistics. In addition, students take Business and Legal Issues for Science Managers and Scientific and Technological Problems in Business and Industry - courses unique to the Professional Science Master’s program. An internship with a business, government agency or a national laboratory rounds out the student experience.


Students in the Professional Science Master’s in Biotechnology degree program learn the advanced applications of cellular and molecular biology, environmental microbiology and plant biotechnology techniques. In addition, the program collaborates with other professional schools on campus to offer students training in management, intellectual property and public relations issues in science-based business.


Department Chair
Johannes Stratmann

Bioinformatics Program Director
Austin Hughes

Laszlo Marton

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