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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Religious Studies

About the Department


The Department of Religious Studies at the University of South Carolina provides undergraduates with an opportunity to explore the variety and depth of the world's

religious traditions, including their histories, scriptures, systems of belief, rituals, sacred art, ethical teachings, transformative practices, and social institutions. Students are also introduced to the history of the discipline of Religious Studies and to the range of scholarship that has shaped and continues to shape the academic approach to religion. Both a major and a minor are offered.

     • A curriculum of over 60 courses is designed to help students acquire expertise in at least one major tradition while at the same time challenging them to take seriously a wide diversity of religious expression and meaning.

     • Students seeking a broad-based education in the liberal arts will find the Department's program especially valuable: the study of religion draws upon the methods and insights of many different disciplines, including philosophy, literature, history, psychology, international studies, anthropology, and art. Students frequently combine a major or minor in one of these fields with a program of study in religion.

     • The Department is very proud of its strong teaching record. Its faculty include former winners of the Michael J. Mungo Teaching Award and the Distinguished Professor of the Year award as well as awards from the USC Mortar Board and the South Carolina Honors College.

     • Class sizes range from as many as 100 in introductory courses to as few as 15 in small upper-level seminars, but in every case faculty are dedicated to working closely with students and to assisting them in pursuing their personal interests and career goals.