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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Religious Studies

Religious Studies Courses Spring 2016

Courses posted for Spring 2016

Religious Studies is offering a variety of courses for Spring 2016. You can find a full list on our web page where a number of syllabi have also been posted.

Dr. Goldstein will be offering his popular cross-listed course, RELG 361/PSYC 320 Psychology of Religion (Syllabus)

Dr. Mari Stuart will be teaching section 001 of RELG 101 Exploring Religion (syllabus).

Dr. Daniel Stuart is doing RELG 221:Buddhist Meditation in Theory & Practice (syllabus) as well as section 002 of RELG 101 Exploring Religion (syllabus).

Dr. Roberts is teaching RELG 205:Morality Ethics, and Religion (summary), and also RELG 488:Perspective in Religious Studies (summary).

Dr. Mitchem will be offering another cross-listed course, RELG 343/AFAM 343: Religions of the African Diaspora.

All Religious Studies courses count for the Arts & Sciences AIU requirement. RELG 205:Morality Ethics, and Religion is a VSR course, and RELG 488: Perspective in Religious Studies is an INT course.

In addition to the courses being taught by our faculty, there are a number of courses being offered for RELG credit by Evening School instructors and cross-listed by faculty from History and Anthropology.