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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Religious Studies

Religious Studies Courses Fall 2017

The following courses are offered for RELG credit. Syllabi and course summaries will be posted as they become available. (Earlier semester versions may be posted until updated versions become available.)


CRN  Course # Course Title Instructor syllabi
19081 RELG 101-001 Exploring Religion     (GSS) Gardiner  syllabus


RELG 101-J10-(online) Exploring Religion     (GSS) Goldstein  syllabus
  RELG 101-Y03 Exploring Religion     (GSS) Akers  syllabus
  RELG 120-(online) Comparative Religion Turner  syllabus
 18633 RELG 205 Morality, Ethics, and Religion Roberts  syllabus
 24580 RELG 207/ AFAM 207 Intro African-American Religions Mitchem  syllabus
  RELG 230 (online) Intro to Judaism  Vehlow  syllabus
  RELG 240 Intro to Christianity Dohm  syllabus
22294 RELG 250 Intro to Islam Gardiner  syllabus
25383 RELG 260/ ANTH 206 Anthropology of Magic & Religion Feliciano-Santos  syllabus
21920  RELG 270  Religion and the Arts     (AIU)    Mandsager  syllabus
   RELG 301  Hebrew Bible/OT  Wolverton  summary
24581  RELG 311  Gospel Lit & Formation of Christianity   Roberts  syllabus
   RELG 335  Christian Ethics  Turner  syllabus
  RELG 337 Religion & Politics Sargent  syllabus
22374 RELG 358 Quran and Hadith  (GLD)  Gardiner  syllabus
28683 RELG 361 (online) Psychology of Religion Goldstein syllabus
  RELG 377  Literature of Religion  Sargent  syllabus
10211 RELG 381/ HIST 383 Jewish History I: Antiquity – 1500 Mandsager  
26042  RELG 382 / HIST 384  Jewish History II: 1500 - Present  Berns  
18725 RELG 412 Faith, Doubt & God Cutsinger  syllabus
  RELG 475 Visions of Apocalypse             Reeves  
10181 RELG 491 Faith, Values and the Mass Media Holmes