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College of Arts and Sciences

Religious Studies

Religious Studies is the academic field of multi-disciplinary, secular study of religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions.  It describes, compares, interprets, and explains religion, emphasizing systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives.  

Today, when international conflicts and national politics are often influenced by religion, there is a great need for scholars and students who have a deep understanding of religious faith and traditions.

At the College of Arts & Sciences, the field of Religious Studies is interdisciplinary, drawing students and faculty from across the Liberal Arts area.  More than 40 undergraduate courses cover the historical, theological, social, and cultural dimensions of world religions.  Programs include Islamic Culture Studies, Jewish Studies, World Religions, New and Old Testament, Religion and Culture, and the African-American Religious Experience. The curriculum helps students acquire expertise in at least one major tradition while also exposing them to a wide diversity of religious expression and meaning.

The Department of Religious Studies also sponsors a high-profile lecture series each year that brings world-renowned scholars to campus.  Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies degree.

Graduates can pursue a variety of careers, ranging from pastoral ministry, college teaching, mission work, church music, and religious publishing to directing children’s homes and lobbying for passage of church-supported legislation.  The strong liberal arts background for Religious Studies also allows graduates to find positions in business, criminal justice, urban planning, journalism, and social work.

For additional information, contact:
Dr. James S. Cutsinger, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Religious Studies, 803-777-2284,

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