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College of Arts and Sciences


Your education may be the largest investment you and your family ever make. Paying for your education is an important factor in academic success. To help you be successful, we offer a variety of options that recognize academic excellence and relieve the financial burdens of continuing your education. We invite you to explore the 200+ scholarships available through the College of Arts and Sciences.

College of Arts and Sciences AcademicWorks The College of Arts and Sciences has a strong network of donors who make education possible for many students. To search college-wide scholarships, review requirements and complete an application, visit the Arts and Sciences AcademicWorks website. 
Departmental Scholarships Earning a scholarship specific to your field of study builds your resume while tackling your tuition. These scholarships are primarily directed towards students who have declared a major.
Office of Financial Aid In addition to scholarships, there are several forms of financial aid available to students at the University of South Carolina, including grants, loans and student employment. If you need help with educational costs, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is ready to help you explore these options and assist you with the financial aid process.