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GEOL PhD Qualifying Exam - Tyler Evans

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Tyler Evans

Ph.D. Dissertation Qualifying Exam

Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences



Major Advisor: Dr. Alicia Wilson,

Dr. Jim Knapp, Dr. Tim Shaw and Dr. Holly Michael


Tuesday, November 19 2013 at 3:15 PM

Taber Room (EWS 210)


Coastal hydrogeology of the U.S. Southeast Atlantic continental shelf:  relevant scales and processes


Significant exchange between groundwater and seawater occurs in submarine sedimentary basins.  Aquifers in these basins are termed subterranean estuaries and export nutrients to the coastal oceans through submarine groundwater discharge (SGD).  SGD occurs at the coast on multiple spatial/temporal scales that are governed by separate but significant hydrogeological processes. The controls on flow need to be identified for each separate scale and linked to their effect on SGD as a whole. For simplicity, studies of coastal groundwater can be separated into three different spatial categories: (1) The near shore scale, (2) the embayment scale and (3) the shelf-scale. I propose to construct finite element models of coastal groundwater flow and multispecies transport for these three separate scales: a sensitivity analysis of hydrologic properties in a theoretical beach, a case study of a transgressive barrier island on Sapelo Island, GA, and finally a regional model of the continental shelf of the South Atlantic Bight.  The relevant processes and phenomena associated with SGD will be identified in these proposed modeling studies with respect to spatial/temporal scale.


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