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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Sociology

Distinction in Sociology

To graduate with Distinction in Sociology, a student must earn at least a 3.5 grade point average in sociology and at least a 3.5 in non-sociology courses. In addition, the student must plan and conduct his/her own research project described and presented in a paper. The student who seeks graduation with Distinction must select one faculty member to chair the committee that guides and evaluates his/her work. The committee will be composed of at least three faculty members including the chair. The student and the chair of the committee will consult with one another to select the other members. To meet the requirements necessary for Distinction, the student must successfully defend his/her proposal and final paper to the committee. Upon the completion and acceptance of the paper, the student will receive three hours credit in Sociology 599 (independent research). Other requirements to attain a degree in sociology will remain the same. Ideally, the project should be finished within two semesters. The consensus of the committee is necessary to pass the two oral defenses. Research projects must conform to the University’s policy on the treatment of human subjects. Proposals must additionally be subjected to the scrutiny of the Sociology Department’s ethics committee.