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Sloan teaching facilities

Teaching Facilities

All classrooms in Sloan College are hardwired to the campus-wide computer network. In addition, four smart classrooms, ranging in size from 20 to over 100 seats, are designed to offer students and faculty maximum flexibility with instructional technology.

The auditorium in Sloan 112 seats over 100 students, and is equipped to incorporate the full range of instructional technologies, standard audio and visual components including DVD, video slides, VCR, audio players, and a digital data projector. The auditorium is also outfitted with interface ports.

Two mid-sized classrooms, Sloan 104 and 105 are outfitted with computer teaching stations and interface with audio and video capabilities.

Sloan 109 is a small instructional facility with 20 student computer workstations, and a fully outfitted teaching station, wired into the campus network. The computer stations provide an array of programs and capabilities needed to teach quantitative classes from the beginning undergraduate level to advanced graduate courses