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Department of Sociology

Graduate Student Directory

Daniela V. Negraia

Department of Sociology
University of South Carolina

Curriculum vitae: Download PDF

Daniela is in her 5th year as a PhD candidate at USC. She came to USC in 2012 from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, where she obtained a Master’s of Science in Sociology (2012). Previously, she studied at the University of Bucharest, Romania from where she obtained a BA in Psychology (2008) and one in Sociology (2009). Research: Daniela is currently working on her dissertation project which sets to further our understanding on “what are the effects of parenting (i.e., raising children) vs. not parenting on individuals’ well-being (i.e., subjective happiness, self-reported mental and physical health)?”. Currently, Daniela is also collaborating on two research projects: one investigating the relationship between maternal education and child wellbeing and one exploring parental time use. More broadly, her areas of interest are: family and medical sociology, work and organizations, life course and human development, social demography and social psychology. Teaching: At the University of South Carolina, Daniela has taught “Introduction to Sociology” (Socy 101) and “Sociology of the Family” (Socy 305) and has provided teaching assistance for “Introduction to Statistics for Sociologists” (Socy 220). At the University of Groningen, Daniela taught “Research Practicum for Social Sciences”. Personal: In her free time, Daniela enjoys hiking, tending to her plants and traveling.