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Department of Sociology

Sociology and Your Career

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A Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology is a valuable stepping stone to a wide array of career opportunities. Sociology graduates from the University of South Carolina have gone into careers in education, law, social work, human resources, counseling, and health-related professions, among other areas. A Sociology degree provides students with the research, communication, and analytical skills they need to compete in today’s marketplace.  In addition, a Sociology degree positions many students to pursue graduate work both in Sociology and other fields, such as Education, Counseling, and Social Work.  

Employment Prospects for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology – Information Links

To learn more about graduates of our program, click here.

The American Sociological Association provides results from a study following Sociology majors before and after graduation, and the important factors in their career development.  Read results from this valuable resource by following the links below:

“Sociology Majors:  Before Graduation in 2012”

 “Strong Ties, Weak Ties or No Ties:  What Helped Sociology Majors Find Career-Level jobs?”


For students who are interested in Population Studies:

 “Careers in Population”


For students who are interested in using their Research Skills:

 “Careers in Statistics, from the American Statistical Association”

 “Internships, from the American Statistical Association”.(Some graduate, some undergraduate)


For students interested in the Health Professions:

Opportunities in Public Health, from the American Public Health Association


For students interested in Community Service:

City Year