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Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data, including the design of surveys and experiments.  A statistician is someone who is particularly well-versed in the ways of thinking necessary to successfully apply statistical analysis.  If you are conducting the Federal census, estimating the nation’s inflation rate, evaluating the safety and efficacy of new drugs for pharmaceutical companies, measuring the validity of standardized test questions, or compiling and analyzing your favorite baseball player’s lifetime record of runs batted in, chances are you’ll need a statistician. 

The science of data has become increasingly important as modern society becomes more data and information driven.  At the Department of Statistics, our students not only study the science of data but also work with our Statistical Consulting Laboratory to provide advice to government, industry, and academia.

The Department of Statistics offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics with three options:  the General Major, the Major with Emphasis in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics (for students planning a career as an actuary), and the Intensive Major (for students planning to do graduate study in statistics). 

Statisticians are in great demand in today’s workplace.  Salaries and working conditions are excellent. Statisticians work in a variety of settings, including insurance and pharmaceutical companies, the federal government, state government, business and industry, market research firms, financial service companies, and educational testing companies. 

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Dr. Brian Habing, Associate Professor of Statistics, 803-777-3578,

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