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Statistics is the science of data. Statisticians provide and interpret the data that is crucial in the decision-making process for government officials, business professionals and industry leaders worldwide.

A degree in statistics can prepare students for careers in a number of fields, most notably pharmaceuticals, government and finance.

Undergraduate: B.S.

The Department of Statistics offers three tracks: the general major, the major with emphasis in actuarial mathematics and statistics (for students planning a career as an actuary), and the intensive major (for students planning to do graduate study in statistics).

Graduate: M.S. and Ph.D.

Master of Science in statistics is designed to give a broad coverage of both statistical theory and application, with the flexibility to address your particular interests. M.S. graduates pursue their futures either directly in government, business, or industry, or go on to pursue a doctorate in statistics or another quantitative field.

Doctor of Philosophy in statistics is designed to prepare students to be statistical researchers or university faculty members. Based on their interests, our graduates are currently in tenure track faculty positions at research universities such as Mississippi State, Texas Tech, and the University of Miami, as well as at more teaching centered schools such as Northern Kentucky, Winthrop, and UNC Wilmington. The program is flexible enough to serve both those entering with a bachelor's or master's degree, with or without previous statistical training.


Department Chair
John Grego

Undergraduate Director
Brian Habing

Graduate Director
Xianzheng Huang

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