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Computing and Information Technology


The Computational Graphics Lab of the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI) of CAS accommodates meetings and presentations for 25 participants and offers 3D interactive environment with a Powerwall system. Additional collaborative capabilities include Polycom Video Teleconferencing, large screen monitors, and a 5' x 4' visual tile display of LCD panels for distributed visualization. An adjacent service room houses the computers, stereo projectors, networking and other hardware used by the facility.


The Powerwall is a 6' x 7.5' rear projection HD screen that allows collaborative 3D viewing. Two Barco Sim6 projectors are used to display the separate images for each eye. Polarized filters at the projectors allow viewers to use lightweight glasses (the same kind used for viewing 3D movies at most theaters) for natural, flicker-free 3D viewing. This passive 3D set up is ideal for long period viewing and comfortable collaboration.


For research, the Powerwall also include single-person head tracking, enabling the view to adjust to the viewer's position) and 6-D input (position and rotation) via an air mouse or pinch gloves (independently tracked gloves with four buttons on each hand) to allow natural interaction with the 3D virtual environment.


The system is driven by a Linux workstation using CAVElib C/C++ libraries. Most C/C++ codes that use OpenGL for display can be modified easily to run on the Powerwall.