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Data Repository

Research and Scientific Computing at USC maintains redundant arrays of networked storage used for housing data safely and with minimal downtime.

There are two categories of data repositary available within RCC storage system: Home on HPC clusters, data shares mounted on SAN storage.

Home on HPC clusters

Each HPC cluster user has a home directory. It is accessible from all computer nodes in Planck and ACM-CHEM. User guideline are listed below.

Planck User Guide

This directory is generally used for storing computational research projects, source data and results.

Data share on SAN storage

To support the file repository needs for researchers, RCC has deployed a SAN file archival system. The SAN system is a complex disk-based storage system with capacity of 120 Terabytes and minimal downtime. 


System Overview


Storage - P4500 G2 120TB

Storage Clustering for disruption free growth

Network RAID 0, 5, 6, 10, 10+1, and 10+2 (Synchronous Replication)

Thin Provisioning

Application Integrated Snapshots

Remote Copy (Asynchronous Replication with Bandwidth Throttling)

Multi-Site HA/DR Solution (Synchronous Replication across several locations)

Online Volume Migration and automated Software Upgrades

Self-Healing Storage: Proactive disk / volume scrubbing with automatic bad block repair

Network RAID Levels (per volume) 0, 5, 6, 10, 10+1, and 10+2 protect against double disk, controller, storage node, power, network, or site failure

Hardware RAID Levels 10, 5, 6 (default is level 5)

Hot-plug hard drives

Redundant power supplies

Integrated storage controller w/ battery-backed cache

Hyper-redundant clustered storage (achieved in combination with the P4000 SAN/iQ storage software)

vSphere certified

Redundant stackable HP networking switches for iSCSI data w/ 10GbE capability

Applying for a storage allocation

Any faculty and researcher in CAS can apply for a storage allocation. For precise information on policies, please send an email to RCC Staff propose multiple level of backup schema to ensure safety of the research data.

SAN user guide