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Sumwalt 221 Policy and Procedures

1. RCC staff must be notified, approve and coordinate any server(s) or equipment being placed in, or removed from the Research Computing Data Center, Sumwalt 221. Also, the staff must be given the serial numbers of any servers, computers or equipment that is to be removed from Sumwalt 221; in addition, the RCC staff will need to be provided the names of the personnel that will be removing the equipment. Those coming to remove the equipment will need to have the serial numbers with them and have the RCC staff verify that they are removing the correct equipment. Email and wait for response from staff.

2. No Tower PCs or servers can be installed in the server room; rack mount and mac minis are the only acceptable hardware.

3. All Servers and computers need to have labels with the Server name and to which department/institute/center or professor they belong. If the department/institute/center, or professor own the entire rack, and all equipment contained in the rack, then labeling the rack is sufficient.

4. The department or lab purchasing the server(s) will have to allocate funds for power pulls and provide battery backup hardware. The owner will also be responsible for battery replacement when it is time to replace.

5. Each system administrator is responsible for patches and security updates; unless previously negotiated for RCC staff to perform. If the RCC staff is to perform updates and patches for the server(s), the staff will need to be granted administrator rights to the server(s).
a. Failure to keep server(s) up-to-date can result in a breach or hijacked system which will require the server(s) to be disconnected from the network until the compromise has been resolved by use of industry tools, or reloading of the server(s).

6. No tampering, unplugging, or moving of network cables from patch panels, switches or KVMs are to be done except by RCC staff. If there is a private switch that you have purchased to use for your server(s), you can administer as you wish, but do not make changes in cabling like mentioned above, or to servers which you do not administer.

7. Web and DB software is not updated by RCC staff. Only OS updates and security patches are administered by RCC staff.

8. No tools, boxes, or mounting equipment are to be left in the server room. Help keep the area clean.

9. Keys are assigned by RCC Staff to a professor or Staff that is assigned to maintenance of the equipment. If for some you have students or new Staff that you plan to allow use of your key, you need to introduce them to the RCC Staff, and have them added to the list of authorized users. Anyone unknown to the staff will be asked who they represent, and the key taken to ensure key was not stolen or was found.

10. VMWare servers & network storage services are available, contact for information.