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Longstreet Theatre
Green and Sumter Streets
Main Office, Room 402
Columbia, SC 29208

phone: 803.777.4288   
fax: 803.777.6669
email: theatre@sc.edu or dance@sc.edu

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Longstreet Theatre

Located at the corner of Sumter and Greene Streets, the Longstreet Theatre is a 312 seat arena stage.

The stage deck includes a hydraulic elevator that allows scene shifting from the basement during performances.

The wire mesh suspension grid is 21'-0" above the stage deck. Technicians walk on the wire mesh to mount the lighting equipment. The system uses a Colortran Computer Light Board, Kliegl Dimming System, and Yamaha and Shure Sound System.

I. House Information

Type of Theatre- Arena
Lobbies are located on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors
House size 70'-6" x 64'-6"
Number of seats: 312
Box Office located on the 1st floor
Theatre entrance on the 3rd floor
Refreshment counter on the 2nd floor
Theatre accessed by stairs or by elevator

Select here for Seating Chart for Longstreet Theatre.

II. Dressing Rooms

There are four dressing rooms, 2 located under the stage level (2nd floor) and 2 located on the first floor. Access is by stairwell. All dressing rooms have mirrors, make-up lights showers, sinks, lavatory, and costume racks.

Upper men's dressing room capacity: 8
Lower men's dressing room capacity: 10
Upper women's dressing room capacity: 10
Lower women's dressing room capacity: 10

III. Stage dimensions

A. Stage Dimensions

  1. Width: booth side to gallery side 32'-0"
    other side 32'-6"
    from vom 1 to vom 3 30'-8"
    from vom 2 to vom 4 30'-7"
    lift is 19'-9" x 19'-9"
  2. Grid Height:
    20'-9" from grid to stage floor
    12'-0" from grid to top row of seats

B. Floor

  1. Surface is masonite painted with flat black latex.
  2. There is one trap in the stage floor located
    Trap location:

C. Lift Information

D. General Stage Information

  1. Crossover is around stage

E. Crew

The house is crewed by both staff and students


A. Control board

Colortran Prestige 2000 board with 300 cues per show capacity, 200 control channels, 24 sub masters with bump buttons on 12 . There is proportional soft patch of up to 400 dimmers. The display is a Taxon 650 color monitor with an extra monitor for use in the house during technicals. Output is RS 422. Playback on 4 faders. The location of the board is in the light booth at the back of the house. The booth can be accessed 3rd floor lobby.

B. Dimmers

125 working kliegl analog dimmers. The dimmer vault is located above the tension grid and is accessed by a permenate ladder.

C. Circuits

See circuit diagram

D. Lighting Positions

Lighting positions are flexible by moving the pipe configuration. There is house configuration see house light plot

E. Lighting Inventory

18-Altman Shakespeare 30' (600w)
16-Strand 6x12 (750-EHG)
2-Strand 6x16 (750- EHG)
16-Altman 6x12 (750-EHG)
2-Altman 6x16 (750-EHG)
23-Kliegl 6x14 (1K-Q1000 T6/CL)
7-Kliegl narrow (750-EHG)
23-Kliegl wide (750-EHG)BR> 29-Kliegl 6 Fresnel (750w-BTN)
21-Kliegl 8 Fresnel (1K-BVT)
8-Berkey Zoom 8 (1K-FEL)
9-10" Scoops (500w)
8-Beam Projectors (750)
8-Altman 30 degree (1K-FEL)
?-Century Fresnel

V. Sound

A. Sound console

Yamaha mixer model PM 1100 with 16 channels in 4 program outs

B. Amplification

  1. 3 Shure SR 105 amplifiers with 200 watt at 4 ohm or 70 volt output C. Output
  2. Sony TCWR 9 dual cassette deck
  3. Revox PR 99 MK 111 reel to reel
  4. 3 cart machines

D. Speakers

  1. House- 2 Yamaha S411SH 100watts at 8 ohm
  2. Booth Monitor- 2 JBL control monitors model 4301B

E. Misc.

  1. 2 Stereographic equalizers
  2. Patch panel from output device to board
  3. Patch panel from amplifier to speaker

F. Jack locations

  1. Speaker
    vom 1 #1
    vom 2 #2
    vom 3 #3
    vom 4 #4
    grid D,12 #1
    grid L,12 #2
    grid m,3 #3
    grid E,3 #4

  2. Microphone
    vom 1 mic 1 & 2
    vom 2 mic 2
    vom 3 mic 3
    vom 4 mic 3 & 4
    basement by lift controls
    light booth

VI. Communications

A. Intercom

  1. Power supply
    Clear com CS 200 2 channel base station located in sound control booth

  2. Head sets
    2 single muff, 3 double muff and 2 phones

  3. Belt packs
    5 working

  4. intercom wall jack locations
    light booth sound booth
    vom 1 vom 2
    vom 3 vom 4
    basement drafting classroom

B. Monitors

  1. mic location - grid

  2. Speaker with variable volume control location
    light booth basement
    vom 1 vom 2
    vom 3 vom 4
    1st and 2nd floor men's dressing rooms
    1st and 2nd floor women's dressing rooms
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor lobbies