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Department of Theatre and Dance

Up Next On Our Stages

Drayton Hall Theatre

April 14-22, 2017
Animal Farm

By George Orwell
Stage Adaptation by Peter Hall
Music by Richard Peaslee  |  Lyrics by Adrian Mitchell
Directed by Stan Brown

Please note there will not be a Sunday
3pm performance for this production.

Sir Peter Hall’s much-acclaimed musical adaptation brings George Orwell’s dystopian allegory of totalitarian society brilliantly to the stage.  As in the classic novel, the animals of Manor Farm band together to overthrow their two-legged masters, and create a world where “all animals are equal.”  Their utopia is short-lived, however, as a group of pigs conspire to prove that “some are more equal than others.”  

“…filled with insights that remain sadly current… A tribute to the enduring power of a noble work.”  -- The New York Times

Lab Theatre

April 20-23, 2017
The Bald Soprano

Written by Eugene Ionesco
Directed by Lindsay Rae Taylor

Ionesco’s influential 1950 “anti-play” is widely considered a masterpiece of The Theatre of the Absurd.  Originally inspired by the random phrases the playwright encountered as he took a course to learn English, Ionesco’s hilarious script invites us to a disastrous dinner party in which proper men and women lose the power to communicate, leading to a total collapse of language itself. 

“…explosively, liberatingly funny ... a loony parody with a climax which is an orgy of non-sequiturs.” – The Observer

Center for Performance Experiment

April 24 & 26, 2017
Hamlet & Original Dance

Apr. 24:  3:30pm
Apr. 26: 7pm

Free Admission