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Department of Theatre and Dance

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Drayton Hall Theatre

September 30 - October 8, 2016
A Midsummer Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Robert Richmond
Drayton Hall Theatre

Set in an enchanted forest, Shakespeare’s beloved romantic comedy features four young lovers and a hapless band of actors who find themselves at the mercy of mischievous fairies during a royal wedding festival.

Longstreet Theatre

October 8-12, 2016

By George Brant
Directed by Robert Richmond and the Company

Please note, Grounded contains intense adult themes and strong language, and is not suitable for children.

When the career of an ace fighter pilot is ended early due to an unexpected pregnancy, she is reassigned to operate military drones, hunting terrorists by day and returning to her family each night.

Center for Performance Experiment

September 22-25, 2016

By Michael Gow
Directed by Steven Pearson

Sept. 22-24: 8pm  |  Sept. 25: 3pm

One of the most widely-produced Australian plays of all time, Away is the story of three Australian families, each on holiday in Christmas 1967 as a remedy to personal crises, whose story threads eventually interconnect to form a story about human responses to death, racism, class, and relationships.